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Qton, a new breed of chatbot hits the market

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Announcing its collaboration with Microsoft, Talview unveils Qton. The partnership aims to push frontiers in application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in recruitment. Qton, is a feature rich Talent Assistant Chatbot from Talview.

The chatbot, built on top of Microsoft’s Bost Framework & Luis NLP aims to make a significant impact in the recruitment automation. It will improve the hiring process and expected to enhance the experience for the candidates.

Talview carries number of benefits for its signed-up users. The bot allows for a major reduction in man-hours spent early in the recruitment funnel. Moreover, it identifies and fast-tracks only the best candidates to the next phase of the recruitment process. Qton also helps to create an impact on employer marketing and messaging which assists in connecting the candidate to the company’s brand immediately.

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Talview’s platform uses AI and cloud services to harness the power of advanced data science and ML algorithms to help client expedite hiring. It also uses video analyses, social-media analyses and speech recognition to enable companies build better teams and gain a competitive edge.

Qton in a way improves the quality of hiring, by enabling companies to conduct a more holistic evaluation of potential candidates. Thus, helping in filling vacancies faster and reducing the recruitment costs considerably. Sanjoe Jose, the CEO of Talview said, “We are delighted to partner with Microsoft that aims to enable better merging of digital expertise and human interaction, thereby enhances the recruitment experience for candidates and clients alike.”

Rajiv Sodhi, General Manager, Partner Ecosystem, Microsoft India, said, “Leveraging the power of Azure and the Microsoft bot platform, Qton from Talview will help organizations source, engage, screen and select quality talent more quickly.”

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