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NXP Semiconductors

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Products Offered: There are a host of products offered in different domains (Automotive, Zigbee, Lighting, Near Field Communications, Healthcare, etc.), which enable the IoT. The following article highlights how NXP products are applicable in various aspects of the IoT.

Vision of the company w.r.t. the Internet of Things: Four key mega-trends that would drive the world of intelligent connected devices would be: energy efficiency, smart devices (tablets, smartphones etc.), security and healthcare. Pieter Hooijmans, vice president – R&D and Strategy at NXP, picked up on this theme when talking about ‘Technologies for the Internet of Things’, saying that currently, most IoT devices are mains-connected, power-hungry and driven by bandwidth. This will have to change as the IoT becomes more sophisticated, with NXP’s research into very low power batteries and the integration of temperature, humidity, light and pressure sensors onto a single chip being of vital importance.

Website: www.nxp.com (http://blog.nxp.com/tag/internet-of-things/)

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