New Quad9 Provides the Much Needed Automated Security Solution


IBM Security, Packet Clearing House (PCH) and The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) have jointly announced a free service. The service provides consumers and businesses added privacy and security protection as they access the internet. The new Quad9 Domain Name System (DNS) service protects users from accessing millions of malicious internet sites known to steal personal information. These sites also infect users with ransomware and malware, or conduct fraudulent activity.

Existing DNS services often capture Information about the websites consumers visit, devices they use and their location for marketing or other purposes. But, with Quad9 businesses and consumers can safeguard their online privacy. Quad9 ( DNS service is engineered not to store or otherwise leverage any personally identifiable information (PII) from its users.

To experience secured online activities, users simply need to reconfigure a single setting on their devices to use as their DNS server.    Read more…