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LoRaWAN For Low Power,Long Range Connectivity

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LoRaWAN at a glance

When it comes to Internet of Things, connectivity to the internet is the primary area of focus. The sensors on the IoT devices, wearables and electronic devices need to get connected at an instant. The objective is overcome the limitation that other connectivity mediums have and LoRaWAN bridges that gap exactly.

Now,LoRaWAN overcomes the most cited limitations that wireless technologies face i.e. distance. LoRaWAN provides  range requirements higher than the traditional Wi-Fi and connectivity is available for miles together. Probably it can connect a every devices that needs connectivity in a small town. LoRaWAN thus is a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) and allows for Internet of Things connectivity making way for secure bidirectional communication, added mobility and localization services.


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