This video will show you how to make an IoT button which is similar to that of Amazon Dash button. Instead of Button You can even attach a sensor and you can program to do the tasks like,

Whenever anyone enters my room, it will send user a message. Requirement – Door sensor+IoT Button

Whenever the user enter the room, turn on the AC. Requirement -GPS of smart phone + IoT Button+IR transmitter

You can also use it as a wireless whether broadcaster, It will notify you whenever their is rain outside your home and even to notify you whenever temperature goes beyond the threshold level. Requirement -water sensor,Temperature Sensor, IoT button

Their are lot other applications of this little button.Make a one for you and lets us know for what application you made one.

Source code: click here


  1. Very interesting usecase which I would like to experiment. I noticed that ‘Maker’ is not available in the list. What is the alternative for this? Appreciate your response.


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