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Let Your Guest In When not at Home

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Ever feel frustrated, when you are outside and some of your relatives, friends or any guest visits your home just to find it locked? They call you when they arrive and you end up having to ask them to wait. At other times, you have to ask them to come some other time making you feel helplessly embarrassed.

Ever wondered if those guests or relatives could have an alternative key to enter the house?  Well, the answer is August Smart Lock.


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Renowned designer Yves Behar and technology entrepreneur Jason Johnson launched their flagship product, the August Smart Lock.

The August Smart Lock allows you to send a virtual key to anyone you choose to have access to your home. The guest have to just download one application on their Smartphone, the virtual key is sent on the application and your guests can use their Smartphone to gain access the residence without the need to exchange physical keys. You can also specify duration of active or inactive of the lock. It also has a manual physical lock function with keys which all the people are aware of.

The company has taken all care and precaution for its customers by providing services like removing authorization from their main website in case your phone is lost or stolen. It also uses proprietary techniques to mitigate false unlocks from the interior side of the door.


1. Key less: Its encrypted locking technology is safer than keys that can get lost and codes that can be copied.

2. Total Control: You control when people have access to your home. For example you can issue a key that works 24/7 for a family member or one that works a couple of hours a week only for your cleaning person.

3. Log Records: You can see a log of who’s entered and exited and the time of their activity from your phone or computer.

4. Always On: It doesn’t matter if your power, cable or Wi-Fi goes down. It uses 4 AA batteries that keep it running in any circumstances. When the batteries get low you will be receiving a reminder.


August Smart Door Lock relies on the same secure communications technology used by financial institutions for online banking. This ensures that only invited guests have access to your properties, and that changes take effect immediately.

The August Smart Lock is designed to be compatible with the Single-Cylinder deadbolts most commonly found in North America and is not compatible with Mortise or Euro-style cylinders.

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