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InsightCM Enterprise – NI’s Unique Industrial IOT Solution

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What is that one thing that differentiates man with other animals? There could be several answers. My answer is this: Man is capable of using others’ ideas in a better way to ensure the well-being of each other. The Internet provides an excellent opportunity for this idea exchange and has helped mankind to avoid repetitive tasks in order to utilise time more effectively. The vision behind Internet of Things (IOT) is again the same; to use Internet as a medium for sharing the resources and providing services to make the world an even better place.Over the years, IOT has emerged from being to consumer oriented to industrial oriented. NI, a key player in the tech- industry, announced recently the launch of NI InsightCM Enterprise, a new software solution unique in its kind for helping companies to gain insight into the health of their capital equipment for machine maintenance and operations.

Incorporating IOT into industrial operations gives adds new dimensions to the technology space. The company feels that introducing NI InsightCM Enterprise will help these organizations to monitor critical machinery and analyse the vast amount of data in order to help them in taking meaningful business decisions. This single software solution will also help the companies to reduce the routine tasks incurred in operation.

Significance in Indian Context

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This product assumes higher relevance in developing countries like India.  “With the tremendous amount of aging machinery in power plants, steel mills and factories in India, the Industrial Internet of Things is a critical element that will ensure the uptime and optimization of these systems,” says Alex Daveran,  Chief Operating Officer of NI. Introduction of this new solution can reduce the instrumentation costs for the monitoring of the critical systems as the cost is a factor of big importance in countries like India.

 Key benefits of NI InsightCM Enterprise

Cost-effectiveness: This solution lowers the instrumentation cost incurred for the monitoring both critical and other plant equipment .

Open software architecture: It  offers open software architecture for  accessing  data and gaining  interoperability with third-party enterprise software packages, such as CMMSs, database historians and prognostics tools.

Easily scalable: Scales from one to hundreds of nodes per NI InsightCM Enterprise server and replicates one solution at multiple facilities.

Flexible: Incorporates CompactRIO to adapt to changing sensory needs while maintaining the user’s investment in the platform.


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