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IoT Value for Smart cities unlocked

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With a focus on smart cities and communities, Teradata has announced working with Cisco on a digital transformation solution. The new solution combines the merits of Cisco’s IoT platform, Cisco Kinetic for Cities, with the Teradata Analytics Platform. The solution will help cities become smarter and more connected by providing a powerful solution for integrated data exchange.
The Cisco Kinetic for Cities platform excels at collecting, aggregating and normalising real-time data securely across city networks. This platform aims to provide smart data management, such as analytics, persistent data lifecycle management and data enrichment. Delivering business insights to cities and communities, Teradata is among the first enterprise data analytics companies.
Together, both the partners with expertise in their respective fields will provide powerful tools that cities need to improve efficiency. The solution will enhance public safety, deliver better citizen services and create new revenue streams.
“Cities are currently undergoing a seismic shift in thinking to recognise that their data has real value that can enable new services and capabilities to better serve their citizens and visitors. Accomplishing this requires that smart cities tap into a comprehensive and robust analytics ecosystem. Cisco and Teradata platforms are cornerstones of such an ecosystem, which can empower city managers to make better, data-driven decisions ,” said Stephen Brobst, Chief Technology Officer at Teradata.
Data collection and management within a city is often decentralised and stored in departmental silos, where each city manager creates a “cockpit” of data and a set of tools for managing specific city facilities. This approach makes generation of a city-wide view of the data difficult. Disparate data silos must be integrated to reveal insights about the city as a whole. Using Cisco Kinetic for Cities, cities can gather, aggregate and normalise information from disparate and siloed city applications, including but not limited to traffic, lighting and parking.
Combining this real-time sensor data with other city information, Teradata is able to deliver prescriptive and predictive analytics, as well as easy-to-comprehend visualisations. This helps city leaders make smarter and more informed decisions. Such a combined solution could, for example, automatically detect security incidents and generate alerts, locate traffic bottlenecks and optimise signals to ease congestion or evaluate route options to shorten emergency vehicle response time.
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