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IoT for Smart Environment and Smart Farming Applications

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Arrow Electronics participated in the ‘Microsoft IoT in Action’ event held in Seoul on January 30. The range of solution promises smart environment and farming to the people. Arrow exhibited several Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that integrate sensors, software and cloud connections.

At the event, Arrow helped attendees understand the power of IoT and how it can help them to address their customer needs and grow their businesses by building repeatable IoT solutions.

IoT and sensor technologies are driving the development of sustainable, environmentally friendly smarter cities and digital transformation around the world.  Keeping this in mind, some of the IoT technologies and solutions Arrow displayed at the event included, a low-power, robust and ready-to-deploy Waspmote plug and sensor system from Libelium that can monitor water, air and weather conditions and trigger alerts for preventive measures.

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Arrow is well positioned to help IoT developers and practitioners accelerate their IoT deployments. At the ‘Microsoft IoT in Action’, it also showcased, a local proof-of-concept urban-agricultural IoT solution with sensor module, mesh protocol connectivity and gateway solution. It is designed to manage greenhouse environment and generating data analytics for optimal operation.

Next, Arrow ConnectTM running on Microsoft Azure, is a cloud-based platform designed and developed by Arrow. This enables the seamless and secure flow of data on any device or edge over any protocol to any cloud, as well as securely provision and manage all IoT devices.

“With our comprehensive ‘sensor-to-sunset IoT offerings and technology portfolio from sensors, edge computing, connectivity, gateways to cloud platforms, data analytics, and security, we can reduce the engineering complexity and remove technology challenges that public and private sectors face while conceptualizing, deploying, and managing IoT devices or solutions,” said Aiden Mitchell, vice president of IoT global solutions at Arrow.

“Intelligent edge devices are a critical component of IoT solutions, and by making windows IoT available to OEMs, Arrow and their OEM partners will be able to deliver powerful and secure devices, that when connected to the cloud and AI services, can offer customers new insights and enable new business opportunities,” said Nicole Denil, general manager, Global OEM IoT Channel Sales, Microsoft.

Held in seven cities across the US, Germany, China and South Korea, ‘Microsoft IoT in Action’ aims to provide attendees with best-in-class technologies, insights, best practices, and integrated solutions of putting IoT technologies to work to deliver tangible results across industries.

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