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IoT: Ask your GPS..track your Fleet !

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Zilogic’s BlackKite-Fleet platform has implemented GL865 for cellular connectivity and GPS JN3 for location tracking

Telit , a global enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced that Zilogic Systems is employing its IoT modules in the company’s scalable BlackKite-Fleet fleet tracking and management device. This innovative, scalable and resilient platform has been designed and built for remote asset monitoring and controlling applications.

In addition to location tracking, BlackKite-Fleet features a rich set of IO’s with provision for expansion. This allows the user to monitor multiple vehicle parameters like fuel, temperature, load, tire pressure, etc.It also features an open protocol that simplifies cloud integration.

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Transportation and logistics is an industry where M2M is widely employed in order to remotely monitor fleets and assets in transit. Under utilization, pilferage and timely maintenance are the major problems in this industry and Zilogic’s BlackKite-Fleet, a GPS tracking device, is designed to address this issue.

The platform is built with a rich set of interfaces that enable solutions to go beyond “Track and Trace”. It employs dedicated interfaces to generate alerts on events like vehicle ignition, battery failure and panic triggers. Three additional digital inputs can be configured to remotely monitor in-vehicle status, such as are the doors locked.

Additional features of BlackKite-Fleet also include three digital output lines to control on-board electronic devices and to immobilize the vehicle during unauthorized usage. In addition two analog inputs are used to monitor and measure analog parameters.

IoTTelit’sGL865 is a 2.5G module that features an on-board Python interpreter, an over-the-air firmware update facility and a very small form factor (24 x 24 x 2.7 mm). The JN3 is a GPS module that is employed when multi-constellation support is not required. It supports AGPS injection as well as AGPS on-board generation.

“We chose theGL865primarily for the built-in Python language support,” said P. Ganesan, Director of Engineering at Zilogic Systems. “The GPS JN3 was selected to add location tracking to the platform, which supports instant fix and static detection”.

“BlackKite-Fleet is an innovative platform that virtually checks all the boxes, “said Ashish Gulati, Country Manager, Telit India. “There’s a TAG based protocol for easy cloud integration, SMS alerts on device disconnection, and a watchdog facility that enables recovery from transient field issues.”

About Telit:
Telit (AIM: TCM), is the global leader in Internet of Things (IoT) enablement. The company offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of integrated products and services for end-to-end IoT deployments – including cellular communication modules in all technologies, GNSS, short-to-long range wireless modules, IoT connectivity plans and IoT platform services. Through the IoT Portal,Telit makes IoT onboarding easy, reduces risk, time to market, complexity and costs for asset tracking, remote monitoring and control, telematics, industrial automation and others, across many industries and vertical markets worldwide.

About Zilogic:
Zilogic Systems was incorporated in 2007 by industry veterans. It was built by team of experts having wide knowledge and extensive work experience in embedded product design & technologies, open source software and Linux systems design. The company believes in open source technologies and is proud to be part of the open source community. As an organization, Zilogic utilizes, develops, and contributes tools and libraries with the open source community.

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  1. Hi! We have a reqirement for GSM module of tilet make JN3 (SMD type).. i would like to know if you can supply us. Please get back in case the module is available. Thank you.


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