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From IoT to IoL, Wipro Lighting setting new standards

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With the emergence of IoT and Big Data, Smart and Connected digital lighting based solutions are the way forward. Bringing intelligence & functionality into lighting systems Wipro Lighting brings Internet of Lighting (IoL). The company unveiled IoL at its signature event “Light Show 2018”.

Promising Smart & Connected indoor & outdoor lighting, it aims to enhance user experience and deliver desired outcomes for customers. Wipro Lighting has collaborated with Cisco for Power on Ethernet (PoE) based lighting solutions and Human Centric Lighting solutions. Their partnership with pureLi-Fi, Scotland will deliver high speed & secure data transmission through LED luminaires.

After launching IoL, Wipro Lighting is ready to provide complete lighting infrastructure for the upcoming Smart Cities. In outdoor lighting, Wipro has already demonstrated its intelligent and connected outdoor lighting capabilities for improved public safety and comfort.

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Wipro Lighting showcased its range of Smart and Connected lighting solutions for indoor & outdoor applications at the Lightshow with a live demonstration of the latest technology benefits using an Interactive Wall.

They exhibited a range of state-of-the-art indoor lighting solutions including the international RED DOT award winning VergeLED, newly launched OpusLED, downlighters & sensors.  The company also demonstrated its best –in-class performance based industrial lighting solutions for enhanced productivity and safety.

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