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Innovative IoT Platform Revamped To Boost Security

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Renesas Electronics extends the capabilities of its innovative Synergy platform for the development of embedded and IoT applications. The Synergy Software Package (SSP) version 1.3.0 adds security with NetX Secure TLS and MQTT connectivity, software and development tool support for three additional microcontroller (MCU) series, and Wi-Fi/Cellular/BLE frameworks to simplify adding or exchanging radio frequency (RF) modules in IoT devices.

SSP v1.3.0 includes NetX Secure TLS, MQTT connectivity, Wi-Fi/Cellular/BLE frameworks, and support for new synergy microcontrollers

One of the additions in the new release is the integration of Express Logic’s NetX Secure Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Message Queue Telemetry Transport (MQTT) for NetX Duo to ensure secure and efficient communication from edge to cloud.

SSP v1.3.0 also adds Wi-Fi, LTE cellular and Bluetooth low energy (BLE) wireless application frameworks that simplify adding or exchanging radio frequency (RF) modules in IoT devices.

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In addition, low power management is enhanced by adding the Power Profile application framework to make it easy to use the Synergy MCUs’ complex low-power modes.

Another add-on is support of software and development tools for three additional MCU groups – S5D5, S3A6, and S128. Renesas is helping reduce development cost barriers with new low-cost S5D5 and S3A6 target board kits and S128 development kit.

“The functionality of the Synergy Platform continues to grow in value, serving embedded IoT developers with greater security, simple to integrate RF modules, and an ever-expanding full service software/hardware platform that accelerates time to market like never before,” said Peter Carbone, Vice President of Synergy IoT Platform Business Division, Renesas Electronics Corporation. “Each new SSP release enables our customers to innovate and differentiate, while tackling the most complex IoT applications.”

“With edge nodes and connected devices rapidly populating the IoT landscape, the need to put an end to security breaches of sensitive and confidential information has never been more critical,” said William E. Lamie, President, Express Logic, Inc. “We are thrilled to see Express Logic’s NetX Secure TLS and MQTT for NetX Duo inside Renesas’ Synergy Software. We believe that Synergy customers have the essential tools needed to quickly develop secure IoT device-to-cloud solutions.”

Renesas has announced the availability of the Synergy S5D5 MCUs and a low-cost TB-S5D5 Target Board Kit allowing developers to speed development.

The SSP v1.3.0 can be downloaded at

For full Press release, click here.

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