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Have some lettuce… grown in Fujitsu’s Fab!

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Are you a food connoisseur? Even if you are not, how would you like to taste a patch of iceberg lettuce grown in a hi-tech clean room powered by Internet of Things smartness.

Semiconductor-firm Fujitsu began selling it’s first round of “Kirei Yasai” lettuce on May 7th 2014. The salad ingredient is grown in a 2000 m2  facility that previously used to fabricate microchips and other components for electronics products.

What’s Special?
These lettuce don’t just enjoy growing up in a super clean location, they are also the result of a lot of sensor-based arrays and systems working in tandem with cloud computing solutions to crunch data and ensure that the environment remains at the optimal levels throughout the growth process. This includes monitoring temperature, humidity and fertiliser composition as they try to figure out the best growing conditions and ways to control micro organisms.

Data-driven agricultural technology
The project uses “Akisai”, the food and agricultural cloud from Fujitsu that leverages ICT to dramatically improve the efficiency of agricultural operations. Akisai will be used to continually analyze agricultural data for highly productive cultivation and to facilitate the entire management process, including management, production, and sales, for a more efficient agricultural operation.
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