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“GRO” your Garden Plants With Internet Of Things

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Grow Your Lovable Potted Plants With GRO

Our visible universe may look completely barren if there where no plants. They  surround us with their lush greeneryGRO and bring in a lot of vitality. If you love plants around you this post is for you. If feel you cant or need assistance in maintaining a lush green garden around you; here is help. All you need here is a smart phone and few sensor based devices and the beloved internet. Know that there are devices that monitor your plants when you are not around them. One of then is GRO.

Introduce your Garden plants to Internet of Things with Scotts Miracle-Gro’s platform. Sync in the sensor based devices and you would be able to keep in tab of whats happening around your garden indoor or outdoor. The data gained from temperature, rainfall, soil-type, fertility etc is compiled to advice the user on various aspects of gardening. One can find out the soil type and the best plant variety than can thrive there. The system also pops many useful suggestions on how to monitor the plants and take care of them in varying environmental conditions.

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GRO syncs with other devices too


Green IQ:


  •  Green IQ has water programming system that Intelligently calculates the amount of water to be dispersed.
    This can help save precious water and keep the optimized flow of water in the garden
  • The System Connects to Wi-Fi and collects information from the nearest weather station too
  • GreenIQ allows the user to control irrigation and lighting from anywhere across the world




  • It works only on IOS and does not require Wi-FI connectivity. It can be used in the range of Bluetooth about
  • It measures soil moisture, temperature, sunlight and its intensity too
  • It has a large number of plants in its database
  • It can asses the health of the plant and notify the user on its health status




  • PlantLink is a cloud based wireless plant sensor
  • The WI-FI has a range of about 50ft.
  • It measures the soil moisture and can be used indoors and Outdoors
  • It can be used where a large number of plants are present
  • Easy to set up



Become an expert in gardening. Using GRO and the above mentioned IoT sensors, an sustainable ecosystem could be engineered. Such innovations are can create small pockets of greenery in our towns and cities. We can all give back to nature with such initiatives and make our surroundings conducive for other sentient beings that share this planet with us.

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