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Faster Analysis of Incident Reports using STOPit Reporting Platform

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STOPit Solutions have announced the launch of its Reporting Platform in a web-based format for addressing behavior-based incidents across an organization. This has come up with a fully integrated STOPit’s industry-leading incident management and a two-way communication solution. The reporting platform aims towards providing organizations the most complete approach to manage their behavior-based incidents.

In today’s world, people seek higher levels of access and responsiveness along with the ability to communicate in varied formats. The organizations are looking to manage all inputs with the help of a single platform. The companies have been looking to employ innovative methods to facilitate the communication process. They are also taking care of proper tracking and user-friendly reporting techniques. With the coming up of new report response capabilities, organizations take less time to respond to the incident reports and adhering to the regulations in an efficient manner. Moreover, these methods have improved the level of visibility into an incident thus facilitating the various steps such as evidence collection, legal proceedings and carrying out the root-cause analysis.

With the help of this platform, one can focus on user definable criteria to assign and escalate events. Since evidence is the key, this platform requests and receives additional information from incident reporters and maintains it for future reference and investigations. Moreover, it can also access real-time dashboard report which is categorized on the basis of incident type, tag, owner and other customer defined identifiers helpful in analyzing the trends.

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Neil Hooper, CRO of STOPit, said, “Behavior incidents are different from other incidents in an organization, and require a greater degree of coordination, as they depend on imperfect evidence that must be verified, assessed and interpreted. By delivering our reporting solution through both mobile and web as part of a tightly integrated solution, we are enabling our customers to maintain a single location for managing all evidence for any given incident.”

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