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Control Virtual Reality In Real life

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Virtualisation and automation can provide turn-key solutions in the future. These turnkey solutions can range from common house hold functionalities to complex factory floor operations. It is imperative that we humans will have to involve in scenarios and situations, even in fully automated or virtualised environments. Now technology has something which is more virtual as it is physical for us to control at our fingertips.

This is where Reality Editor comes in. It is a tool that helps you manipulate real world physical objects with just the camera on any smartphone. Reality Editor virtually links with the functionality of electronic objects and starts creating new relationships with them. The user is required to point the smartphone camera to the object and drag a virtual line and simply control the objects at will.

The Reality editor was born out of  research at MIT. The outline of this technology is giving full capability to humans rather than smart devices on contraire to common notion. Assigning most of the control to humans improves spatial coordination and muscle memory. Using Reality Editor helps evolve the way we interact with the objects around. Merging realities with the physical objects and making then more realistic to interact outlay’s an amazing experience. The system tries to make something that is physical into something virtual while giving full physical control to the user.

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The application is built on open, stable internet standards while the visual/web interface is based on HTML5. The open source platform that powers this is called Open Hybrid. The application is not only limited to DIY solutions but needs next-gen high- tech users who can find more creative use cases. The app is available in the iOS App Store along with research information on Reality editor.

REALITY EDITOR from Fluid Interfaces on Vimeo.

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