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Control Your Appliances with Voice

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Satya Sankar Sahoo, Embedded software developer

Automate your house hold appliances with this simple tutorial. With open source softwares and components available in plenty ,  create your own creative DIY‘s.

The tutorial provides you with step by step process controlling home appliances using voice control using ESP8266 wifi chip and App inventor source codes.


In this tutorial the users can create an voice based control system. The tutorial uses an android app to control GPIO of ESP8266 using speech recognition. The techniques listed here could be used for building customised versions of DIY’s of your choice too. The Speech recognition component of App Inventor 2 is being used to demonstrate the same in this tutorial.

The App inventor Source code from clicking here. The app which has been demonstrated in the tutorial can be downloaded directly from, by clicking here.

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Follow the steps to build your IoT application:

Step 1: Bring a button from user interface to screen, To make it look a little simple you can design the button in any format you like(Similar to one below).


Step 2: Go about adding a text box which will hold the IP address of ESP8266 wifi chip.

Step 3:  Once you start designing the code block, add “when button get click” and “call speech recognizer.gottext” as given below.


Step 4:  Create a conditional block by using When condition and  do  by calling “Speech Recognizer . After Getting Text”  depicted in the algorithm image below.

Once the algorithm points to the do block; the web services of ESP server are invoked as shown below.


Step 5: Now the app is ready to be run and tested and all the user can speak out the instrcutions to the app as instructed below

To Turn On Lamp: Speak  “Turn On Lamp”

To Turn Off Lamp: Speak  “Turn Off Lamp”


Screen Shot of the app interface on the android based device.

Screenshot_2016-03-13-22-11-33              Screenshot_2016-03-13-22-11-51                  Screenshot_2016-03-13-22-11-25



Additional Info:

You can read more about the other IoT DIY’s by Mr. Satya Sankar Sahoo over here. If you have any questions regarding this project please contact satyasankar09@gmail.com.



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