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Cloud-based Ridership Tracking

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Kidtrack is a biometric ridership monitoring system, which helps keep track of who is riding on which bus. The Cloud-based system can be effectively used by schools, offices, tours, parents and other caregivers to make sure people get on the right bus, go to the right places, and get off at the right points. Parents can breathe easy when they send their kids to school. It will also be very useful in emergency evacuations, route diversions, and such situations.


Inside: Developed by T&W Operations Inc., Kidtrack makes use of Fujitsu’s PalmEntry Physical Access Control system, which is a secure, contactless, biometric access control solution that positively authenticates the identity of an individual. PalmEntry scanners are installed near the doors of buses. When kids board the bus, they simply place their palm in front of the scanner, which recognises the individual using the unique vein pattern on their palm. A confirmatory beep is sounded, and the scanned information is pushed to the Cloud wirelessly, to be accessed by authorised users and applications. PalmEntry relies on Fujitsu’s PalmSecure biometric palm vein sensors, which use near-infrared light to capture a user’s palm vein pattern, generating a unique biometric template that is matched against the palm vein patterns of pre-registered users. Unlike other readers, PalmSecure based devices do not c

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