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Challenges Faced By Electric Vehicles With Respect To Grid Power In India

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Fast growing economies like India certainly ‘enables’ much more of its population to upgrade to a motor cycle from a simple ’self-powered’ bicycle and to upgrade from a motor cycle to a 4 wheeler. The upgrade process will happen in all phases of life and one common enabler also will see an unprecedented demand, i.e. the electric power supplied through the network called ‘the grid’. As the world trend-due to multiple reasons, electric vehicles will be the major player in this personal transport revolution. All these need power and those will be connected to the Grid for its power needs. This too will repeat in frequent intervals. Now the grid has to cater to even more varied type of customers: an absolute illiterate trying to drive to a scholar. However our systems and infrastructure is not going to change (scale up or improve) dynamically, the grid power is likely to have more and more issues.

Key points: How the factors mentioned above affect the electronics designs, specially the power designs, more specially the EV chargers and its circuits/blocks? What are the consequences and impacts? What innovations could be made? Why it is important for us(the educated and capable in the society) to practice and propagate well studied and universally applicable practices? This discussion is all about these.

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05_Challenges faced by Electric Vehicles with respect to grid power in India from EFY on Vimeo.



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