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Certifaya, AI Powered App Testing BOT Launched

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To keep pace with the ever changing technology, announces the launch of Certifaya – an AI Powered App Testing Bot. Certifaya automatically tests the mobile applications over hundreds of real mobile devices and gives its users real time insights into the app behavior and  performance.

The app implements artificial intelligence driven technologies. It lets the users run a test for the applications from anywhere across the world through the cloud based Real mobile Device farm.

Certifaya’s analytics driven testing engine uses deep machine learning algorithms to navigate through the app and monitors the applications for issues. The platform finds out problems and presents reports with critical issues such as crashes, memory leaks, high CPU, slow response time, battery drain and other key parameters.

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Commenting on this development, Avinash Tiwari, the co-founder of SSTS Inc. said, “To build an All-In-One platform for Mobile app and IoT app Testing, we at pCloudy have always been using automation and artificial intelligence to disrupt the lifecycle of a mobile application. As Bots help in making software testing faster, Certifaya has been developed to help the testers test more efficiently and competently.”

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