Building Smart Cities With Everything As A Service

Shanghai city network technology

Get an insight into what it takes to build a smart city with EaaS. Understand the various components that go into this, how they interact and how you can implement it.

Building smart cities require a scalable and repeatable architecture, from few hundreds to millions of devices, and few applications/services to thousands of services. In this session, we propose implementing Smart City Applications with Everything as a Service (EaaS). Innovating in this space is the central focus of this talk.

– City, state, data, and data-driven decision making
– Object oriented design, autonomous services and innovation
– Smart city framework, sensors as a service, data publishing, service delivery and Everything as a Service

Presented by: Syam Madanapalli, CTM, iRam Technologies


11_Building Smart Cities with Everything as a service from EFY on Vimeo.