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Bolt IoT: Hardware And Cloud Platform For IoT Products

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Built with scalability in mind

Bolt ecosystem is built to be scalable with minimum intervention. It seamlessly integrates onto the Cloud through a simple authentication system, letting you add as many Bolts as you want, when you want. Bolt clusters can be automated through Bolt Cloud in just a few clicks. Also, it comes with a flex-pay system that lets you pay only for the bandwidth your Bolt network consumes.

The IoT without the Internet

Bolt lets your IoT device function without the Internet by using Bolt fail-safe mode, where Bolt card turns into a local server, letting you control and monitor your device in a local environment. Any data generated during the outage is stored safely on the on-board memory, and when the Internet is back, it is immediately uploaded to Bolt Cloud.

Abundant resources and applications

Bolt already has a large user base, which means getting help from people trained on Bolt platform is easy. Marico uses Bolt to build next-generation connected packaging for Saffola Oil. It automatically places an order to the nearest vendor when the material is about to finish, and also lets you monitor your consumption.

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Some banking and financial institutes are working with Bolt to improve security and user interaction. Applications built using Bolt include DOSAMATIC, an automatic dosa maker that uses an app to take in orders, and Visual juju, an event robot that greets the attendees of an event and clicks their pictures.

Pranav Kundaikar (L) and Pranav Pai Vernekar (R), founders of Inventrom
Pranav Kundaikar (L) and Pranav Pai Vernekar (R), founders of Inventrom

There is more to come

Evolution of Bolt is still in progress, and development of a new version of Bolt called Bolt 2 is in full swing. “The new Bolt is half the size of the first version and its response time has been brought down to less than a second from the earlier speed of three seconds,” says the Inventrom team. The whole development process on the new Bolt is a lot more intuitive and brings down the development time by a large amount.

With a bag full of achievements including winning ‘DST-Lockheed Martin India Innovation Growth’ programme and ‘IoT Tech 10’ by Intel and IBM, and Economic Times’ ‘Power of Ideas 2016,’ Bolt continues to develop excellent IoT products. IoT Bolt is a solution for IoT makers looking for a quick and an easy IoT platform to design products.

Ankita K.S. is audience development editor at EFY, and secretary of IEEE-YP. She is an engineering graduate, and also writes articles on technology for


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