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AT&T prepares Minneapolis for Pro Football’s Big Game

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For more than a year AT&T has been working to boost the cellular network as it aimed to prepare Minneapolis for the Big Game. The company successfully has arranged a series of permanent and temporary upgrades across the city. This will provide connectivity to the fans from the arrival.

The enhanced connectivity will allow people to share moments on social media during the week-long pre-game festivities. Be it hotel or back at the stadium during the Big Game, connectivity will be seem-less.

In a press announcement, AT&T shared that they have invested more than $40 million in this Minneapolis wireless network. This includes upgraded the Distributed Antenna System (DAS) at the host football stadium. This will now offer nearly 220% more LTE capacity than at the start of the 2017 pro football season.

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The company has also upgraded or installed new DAS at 16 locations throughout the city. Tis is to ensure that fans or game visitors can enjoy better coverage in hotels, arenas, airports, convention centers, among other venues. They’ve upgraded the DAS at the airport and installed a new DAS at the convention center in Minneapolis.

“When fans head to Minneapolis to cheer on their favorite team, we want them to have a great network experience—whether they’re making a call, checking email or sharing their favorite moments on social media,” said Scott Mair, president AT&T Operations. “But the network enhancements in Minneapolis won’t go away after the Big Game. They’re permanent and will continue to benefit customers. It’s just one way we’re continuing to invest in our Minneapolis wireless network.”

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