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All-in-One Bluetooth 4.2 Module For Your IoT Designs

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New all-in-one Bluetooth 4.2 Module from STMicroelectronics is designed to significantly speed up prototyping and developments of connected, smart objects, while reducing costs. Applications include smart home, building and industrial automation, smart lighting, remote and access control, fitness, wellness and sports, PC and smart phone peripherals, etc.

Not only is the SPBTLE-1S tiny with a 11.5 x 13.5 x 2 mm size, it is also versatile with a supply-voltage range of 1.7V – 3.6V, making it ideal for small, battery-operated objects powered by a variety of power sources such as a primary button cell or rechargeable Li-ion battery.

The module provides a complete RF platform in a tiny form factor. It includes the BlueNRG–1 SoC as well a power supply filter, the oscillators for the MCU, the baluns, the filters used for matching networks and reducing harmonics, and even the ceramic antennas.

Furthermore, the SPBTLE–1S has already passed the FCC, IC, CE, and SRCC certifications for the United States, Canada, the European Union, and China respectively. As a result, any company that integrates the module has a much easier path toward certifying their product

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The module is also compatible with numerous interfaces, such as UART, SPI, or I2C, which is a significant advantage for designers who can work with the peripherals they already have.

Another important benefits are a high RF output power of +5dBm and good receiver sensitivity, which help to maximize communication range and reliability.

The SPBTLE-1S is in production and available now, priced $6.65 for orders of 1000 pieces. ST also offers evaluation kits containing the SPBTLE-1S to streamline development of various types of smart objects.

View the Press release for further information.

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