Retailers Set to Invest in User Engagement, Cloud, IoT For Efficiency: Airtel Report


Indian retailers are gearing up to aggressively invest in customer engagement, cloud, Internet of Things and other new-age technologies to drive efficiencies and experiences, according to Airtel Business Insights report.

Retailers are leveraging digital technologies to deliver an immersive, and omnichannel customer experience to gain an edge in the emerging 5G era, it said.

Airtel Business, the business-to-business unit of Bharti Airtel on Thursday released the second edition of its Insights Report under the aegis of its Customer Advisory Board (CAB).

Airtel Business Customer Advisory Board includes business leaders from India’s leading companies and the group meets regularly to deliberate and offer counsel on customer issues and emerging technology trends to help the telecom firm align its innovation roadmap to the strategic needs of customers.

The latest report ‘The future of retail in India is both in the store and online, outlined that winning brands would be those embracing digital technologies ahead of the curve, to deliver an omnichannel experience to their customers.

Indian retailers are gearing to aggressively invest in customer engagement, cloud, IoT, among other technologies to drive efficiencies and experiences, said a statement by Airtel on the release of the report.

The report further said that 5G will speed up the digital transformation of the retail sector from the supply chain to the in-store experience.

“This will be achieved by delivering crucial technology building blocks to enable frictionless, end-to-end consumer experiences in the form of enhanced broadband networks and ultra-reliable, low-latency communications.

“Retailers are working to differentiate themselves with more personalised and convenient experiences and services, and thus there is the need for faster, more reliable, and device-inclusive connectivity,” it said. (PTI)