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Morse Micro And AzureWave Introduces The World’s Smallest Wi-Fi HaLow Module 

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With this agreement, AzureWave will design and produce two Wi-Fi HaLow modules, including a new 13mm x 13mm module that will be the smallest on the market, opening the door for widespread Wi-Fi HaLow application in Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios.

A partnership between AzureWave Technologies, Inc., a leading global provider of wireless connection and image processing technologies, and Morse Micro, a semiconductor company reimagining Wi-Fi® for the Internet of Things (IoT), was announced today.

The two module designs, which rely on FCC-certified reference designs, are supported by the MM6108 microchip from Morse Micro. The MM6108 offers 10 times the range of conventional Wi-Fi systems and is the industry’s smallest, fastest, and lowest power Wi-Fi HaLow SoC.

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Direct purchases of the 14mm x 18.5mm and 13mm x 13mm modules can be made at AzureWave. Morse Micro is also creating assessment platforms for customers that include these components right now.

“Wi-Fi HaLow continues to gain momentum in the IoT ecosystem, and our collaboration with AzureWave builds on this energy as we scale and accelerate the deployment of Wi-Fi HaLow solutions worldwide,” said Michael De Nil, co-founder and chief executive officer at Morse Micro. “By joining forces, Morse Micro and AzureWave are poised to design and deliver best-in-class Wi-Fi HaLow solutions that will enrich existing communication modules in a broad range of IoT and consumer electronics applications.”

“As a leading wireless module maker, AzureWave provides design and manufacturing services that ultimately shorten the customer’s development process and time to market, enabling the end-products to be more compact, value-added and extremely low power,” said Gary Cheng, president and chief executive officer at AzureWave Technologies, Inc. “Our partnership with Morse Micro demonstrates the continued global demand for Wi-Fi HaLow solutions, and it provides the opportunity to rapidly scale Wi-Fi HaLow for countless IoT devices.”

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