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Industry 4.0 Transition Is Simplified By This IIoT Platform’s Capture Of Data

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With the Snap Signal series from Banner Engineering, users may collect machine monitoring data without affecting current controls.

Banner Engineering, a maker of industrial automation, recently unveiled a new IIoT product line called Snap Signal that can upgrade to Industry 4.0 and increase efficiency by capturing data from almost any industrial machine’s device and converting it to a standard protocol.

Monitoring commercial equipment can be challenging. End users might not have access to data-containing PLCs or might not want to take the chance of changing these systems. Sensors, for example, rarely have the same language as other machine parts. This makes it difficult for manufacturers to begin monitoring their machinery in order to learn more about machine performance. Products from Snap Signal can be used to create a brand-neutral IIoT platform with modular hardware and software. The system is capable of capturing and converting a variety of machine signals and protocols, including Modbus, Analog, Discrete, Serial, and IO-Link.

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By employing a splitter connection to monitor the signals from existing devices like sensors, motor controllers, and lights, a Snap Signal platform may record data for both condition monitoring and process monitoring. It is referred to as a “overlay network” when utilised in this manner, meaning signals are recorded without upsetting the current control system, decreasing both the deployment time and overall risk.

Data can be delivered to a variety of locations, including other PLCs and HMIs, a cloud dashboard, a SCADA system that permits remote monitoring, and more. The highly scalable approach enables facilities to test an IIoT project by keeping an eye on just one sensor point. This strategy of starting small aids in cost management and demonstrates future ROI using actual data from the pilot. Signal converters, wireless networking, IO-Link masters and hubs, and an industrial controller are all included in the Snap Signal product line. Installation is made simple by the use of M12 connections, which are industry standard. For consumers that do not currently have a dashboard solution in place, Banner Cloud Data Services is an optional cloud data platform.

“Manufacturers are seeking a move to IIoT to increase productivity,” says Banner Director of Global Business Development, Luke Karnas. “They need data on the process improvements they’re making. Instead of having workers walking around writing numbers on clipboards, Snap Signal sends data from machines 24/7. It can be implemented at any point along your data flow chain, and it can take the complexity out of a move to Industry 4.0.”

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