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Foundries For Developers Texas Instruments AM62x Processors Have Factory Support

- Advertisement - has announced the availability of its Edge platform-as-a-service platform for the recently launched Texas Instruments Sitara AM62x processors, allowing developers to reduce time to market and integrate security from the start when developing, deploying, and maintaining IoT and Edge devices.

The AM62x processor family is a low-cost Cortex-A53-based edge AI and full-HD dual display microprocessor that is ideal for human machine interface (HMI) and edge-based design. Developers can easily port applications developed on other FoundriesFactory supported processor platforms thanks to support.

“ offers a platform that delivers DevOps capabilities to embedded developers and simplifies the building and deployment of secured edge devices and fleets,” said Artem Aginskiy, General Manager of Sitara Processors, Texas Instruments. “This addition to the AM62x processor family’s ecosystem helps customers to accelerate product development, easily secure their production devices, and manage and maintain them through the product lifetime.”

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The growth of IoT and Edge necessitates a new approach to building and maintaining Linux-based devices, one that prioritises security and resource efficiency. FoundriesFactory addresses these issues with a cloud platform that simplifies and lowers the cost of developing, deploying, and maintaining secure IoT and Edge Linux-based devices. It speeds up the development of product firmware, operating systems, and applications, reduces time to market, and allows you to monitor and update devices and fleets to keep them secure throughout their product lifetime. FoundriesFactory now supports the AM62x SoC family, in addition to the TI Beaglebone and AM64x SoC families.

“We are excited by the launch of this powerful and cost-effective SoC family from TI,” said George Grey, CEO and co-founder at “We are pleased to add support for the AM62X family to our existing support for TI SoCs. As FoundriesFactory reaches new product developers across the IoT and Edge ecosystem, we accelerate development innovation and time to market for all of our global partners and customers.”

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