Astrocast And Mouser Partners To Deliver IoT Components


The arrangement gives customers in Australia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom access to engineers Astrocast’s Satellite IoT (SatIoT) technology.

A provider of nanosatellite Internet of Things networks, Astrocast, and Mouser have announced a new distribution relationship. The business runs a global nanosatellite Internet of Things network that offers services for smart infrastructure, agriculture, maritime, the environment, and utilities. Using their Astronode S module, businesses may use the Astrocast network to track, monitor, and communicate with remote assets via satellite. The surface mount satellite communication module features a small form factor and a serial interface. The device is great for highly integrated, battery-powered IoT systems since it is optimised for low-energy operation. For up to ten years on a single battery, the module enables the monitoring and control of gadgets with bidirectional satellite connection.

The Astronode Patch antenna, a miniature antenna created for communication with its IoT satellites in LEO, is additionally offered. The antenna is produced on a high-permittivity ceramic substrate, which reduces the antenna’s footprint while maintaining good RF performance at the network’s L band operating frequencies. Due to the antenna’s incredibly low profile, installation and device integration are seamless.

A authorised, ready-to-install industrial satellite communication system called the Astronode S+, based on the Astronode S and an Astronode Patch antenna, will also be offered by the business. The entire Astronode S digital interface or RS232, both of which are accessible on the industrial-grade board-to-cable connector, can be used by the Astronode S+ to rapidly and easily connect to applications. Electronic and RF design requires no resources, which speeds up time to market. The tiny physical size of this gadget makes discrete deployments possible.