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Intelsat FlexEnterprise Gets Integrated Into Deutsche Telekom’s IoT’s Cloud-Based Offerings

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With the integration of Intelsat FlexEnterprise into its cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) offering, Deutsche Telekom IoT (DT IoT) hopes to extend powerful, user-friendly IoT solutions to locations regardless of the availability of fibre or cellular connectivity options, 

IoT services are being utilised more and more in a wide range of industries, gathering data from tens of thousands of devices and processing it in a way that helps firms monitor sensitive environments, improve system efficiency, cut waste, and get new insights into processes and operations. In addition to cellular connectivity, DT may expand the scope and potency of its solution and improve results for its clients by utilising FlexEnterprise.

A ready-to-deploy, enterprise-grade connectivity service called FlexEnterprise combines terrestrial and satellite networks to extend private, cloud, and internet networks. Customers are not required to maintain their own satellite infrastructure or technical know-how because Intelsat manages the worldwide FlexEnterprise infrastructure. By providing FlexEnterprise to DT as a satellite-as-a-service, Intelsat will further save the time and expense associated with operating new services.

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Mobile network operators can provide services akin to terrestrial networks anywhere thanks to the Intelsat FlexEnterprise satellite platform. For instance, industrial IoT clients can link devices in difficult-to-reach regions, such as to regulate wind turbines on mountaintops or in the ocean or to analyse flood risks by tracking water levels in distant locations.

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