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A Wi-Fi Development Kit Supporting The New Matter Protocol Emerges

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Renesas declared that it would support Matter on all upcoming Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low-Energy (LE), and IEEE 802.15.4 (Thread) products, including those from newly purchased Dialog Semiconductor and Celeno Communications.

Renesas Electronics Corporation, today unveiled its first development kit that supports the brand-new Matter protocol. The interoperability issue for smart home gadgets is reportedly going to be resolved by the Matter protocol. Regardless of the manufacturer, it links a variety of smart devices to one another across ecosystems safely and robustly. Wi-Fi, Thread, and Bluetooth LE are just a few examples of the underlying communication technologies that Matter, an application layer protocol, encapsulates.

Device makers who use Matter’s software stack will be able to support a variety of smart home ecosystems and voice services. Users of smart homes will be able to purchase any Matter-certified product regardless of their preferred platform.

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The international body that develops IoT standards and certification, the Connectivity Standards Alliance (the Alliance), includes Renesas as a member. “We’re delighted to see an IoT leader such as Renesas commit to supporting the Matter standard,” said Chris LaPre, Head of Technology at the Alliance. It’s another sign of the good momentum the standard is creating among manufacturers of both equipment and devices.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE have been areas of expertise for Renesas for more than ten years. Renesas offers a comprehensive spectrum of connectivity SoCs used in IoT, wearable technology, and home networking, and has sold more than 600 million wireless devices. IoT device manufacturers wishing to connect their product into the Matter ecosystem can benefit from faster time-to-market thanks to Renesas’ simple-to-use development tools supporting Matter.

The DA16200 Ultra-Low Power Wi-Fi Modules Development Kit is the first Renesas product to support the Matter protocol. The DA16200 system-on-chip (SoC) is the first Wi-Fi SoC in the world to offer always-connected Wi-Fi IoT devices a battery life of more than a year. Additionally, the Renesas Quick Connect IoT is supported by DA16200 via the Ultra Low Power Wi-Fi PmodTM Board. For simple system development using Renesas MCU, connection, and other devices, it is fully integrated into Renesas’ E2Studio. Renesas is now providing lead customers with samples of the DA16200 Development Kit with Matter support and anticipates making it widely available by the end of this quarter.

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