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Test Kit Simplifies IoT Antenna Testing and Selection

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New test kit to accelerate the process of embedding antennas in IoT product unveiled by PulseLarsen Antennas and Copper Mountain Technologies

Reliability and performance of the internet of things (IoT) devices depend on the reliability and performance of its antenna. Connection to the cloud and data transmission are jeopardized if the antenna is not performing as expected. An efficient, reliable antenna also helps avoid too much drain on the device’s battery. Furthermore, design form factor is critical in IoT devices and should be considered while antenna selection.

In order to simplify the task of testing and selecting antennas for IoT devices, PulseLarsen Antennas and Copper Mountain Technologies have released a new IoT antenna test kit. The new IoTestTM kit accelerates the process of embedding antennas in an IoT device and evaluates in minutes if the antenna selection is suitable for the application, according to the company.

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IoTest Kit helps select and test the right antenna

IoTestTM includes easy-to-use purpose-built antenna testing software with help and educational materials and a full line of IoT antennas already mounted on demo boards to choose from in order to test, compare, set up reference levels and converge to the best tuning possible.

The kit incorporates a USB powered Antenna Analyzer P60 and its dedicated calibration kit P911 from Copper Mountain Technologies. The P60 measures the return loss of the antenna under test. A foam jig, and all the necessary RF cables and adapters are included to allow designers to start embedding and evaluating antenna performance for any IoT product. The broad range of sample IoT antennas included in the kit covers the full range of IoT frequencies.

All information about this product can be found here.



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