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IoT Startup Everactive Selects Diakopto’s EDA Platform For Wireless IoT Integrated Circuits

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IoT Startup Everactive today announced its partnership with EDA software tools developer Diakopto to accelerate and optimise wireless IoT integrated circuits. The later’s EDA tool Paragon X is said to enable the design methodology  and functionalities for IC design debugging. 

Everactive develops wireless sensors that require minuscule amounts of power to sense, process and wirelessly transmit data continuously. The batteryless technology is said to open opportunities for scalable industrial IoT and remote asset monitoring.

Parasitics are unintended elements in integrated circuit (IC) designs that degrade a circuit’s performance and other important parameters.  The increasing need for higher density, faster speed, and greater precision, coupled with continued migration to more advanced technology nodes have redefined the role of parasitics in IC design. The power-performance-area (PPA) metric and time-to-market of modern ICs are now dominated by on-chip interconnects and layout parasitics. Debugging these design problems and addressing the underlying issues causing them has become tedious, and time-consuming, the company noted. 

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As per the partnership terms, ParagonX will enable Everactive to improve its IoT solutions. It helps users analyse and debug a broad range of problems caused by layout parasitics. “The EDA tool offers a new methodology that delivers insights to help Everactive engineers pinpoint bottlenecks and the sources of IC design problems caused by parasitics,” reads a company statement. 

The Everactive, founded by two MIT grads had recently deployed self-powering sensors to handle low-intensity IoT tasks, eliminating the need for batteries or power cabling, adding a new level of flexibility to IoT deployments.

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