Create Smart Solutions To Support Well-being & Comfort With New Environmental Sensor


Looking to enable accurate and stable environmental monitoring, Sensirion is announcing a new sensor module designed to sense humidity, temperature and carbon dioxide concentration at AHR Expo 2018 that will take place in Chicago, Jan 22-24.

Sensirion’s SCD30 enables customers to develop new smart solutions that increase energy efficiency and simultaneously support well-being.

The sensor leverages the NDIR measurement technology for accurate CO2 detection at a competitive price.

Along with that, it also integrates the Sensirion humidity and temperature sensor on the same sensor module.

Ambient humidity and temperature can be outputted by Sensirion’s algorithm expertise through modeling and compensating of external heat sources without the requirement for any additional components.

“Utilising dual-channel principle for the measurement of carbon dioxide concentration, the sensor compensates for long-term drifts automatically by design”, touted the company.

With the new SCD30, Sensirion has expanded its portfolio to include environmental sensor for air quality measurement. The module will be launched at AHR Expo 2018 that will take place in Chicago, Jan 22-24.

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