Arduino-compatible NB-IoT Sensor Shield


Avnet Silica unveils an NB-IoT sensor shield that is notable for its Arduino compatibility since it has an Arduino UNO R3 connector. Arduino compatibility allows developers to leverage a huge ecosystem of compatible boards, thereby offering ultimate flexibility.

Possible applications of the board include gas detectors, environmental sensors, and machinery alarm system in the industrial or agricultural sectors; public utility applications such as water/ gas metering, smart parking systems, and street lighting; as well as consumer applications such as asset tracking.

The NB-IoT Sensor Shield is based on the Quectel BG96 low power module supporting Cat M1, Cat NB1 and EGPRS fallback. GNSS is supported.

The new board enables developers to choose the microcontroller board that best fits their application, like STM32 Nucleo boards, and combine them with sensors and other peripheral boards as needed.

It also supports all major operating systems including Android, Linux and Windows. Pmod connectors allow an extended compatibility with additional boards. And mbed OS support allows quick development.

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