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Developer Kit Speeds IoT Development With Arduino Software

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SensiEDGE has launched SensiBLEduino, a development kit that allows the Arduino IDE and language to be used with the SensiBLE development kit SIMBA-DKL and STM32duino ‘Function Pack’. The SensiBLEduino kit can connect to the cloud easily and has a small form factor, making it suitable for use in IoT applications.

The kit combines hardware and software to allow developers get their products to market quickly at lower development costs.

According to the company, over 5,000 customers are already using it’s SensiBLE cloud modules and SensiBLEduino development kits on projects globally which give customers access to a vibrant community.

A demonstration firmware is included in the kit, to allow the visualization of sensor’s data performance through the ST BLUEMS App and a compatible cloud service. For example, IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS, or a generic MQTT protocol.

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