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Versatile IoT Platform Comes With New Smart Industry Solutions

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Helping organizations to accelerate development of IoT-enabled products and services, Avnet has unveiled a new cloud-based software platform and a host of connectivity solutions around it. The company’s solutions, which come with both software and hardware, address common use cases in an array of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, construction, retail, and food processing.

The scalable platform, IoTConnect, is based on Microsoft Azure’s hybrid cloud computing for data distribution and analysis across cloud-based and on-premise storage systems.

Avnet’s IoTConnect cloud platform facilitates rapid smart app and solution builds, best-in-class device communication and management, data-driven decision-making and more

“The platform and solutions are capable of providing analytical and cognitive solutions, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). The combination of IoTConnect with Azure will enable users to deploy a variety of applications and services using a range of tools and frameworks”, Avnet noted in the Press release.

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Avnet also announced a Sound Capture Platform along with Aaware. It will assist Avnet’s MiniZed Zynq SoC development platform in improving sound capturing performance for AI applications in smart home, robotics and industrial IoT markets.

“Developed in partnership with 14 third-party suppliers, the new portfolio includes a wide array of Smart Factory, Smart Asset Monitoring, Smart Connected Worker, Smart Building, Smart Healthcare, Smart Retail, Smart Office, Smart Fleet Management, and Smart Warehouse systems that partners can deploy as is or tailor to meet segment-specific requirements”, the company stated.

“Avnet recognizes that concerns such as security risk, unexpected downtime, low efficiency and information latency frequently hinder organizations’ ability to capture the full potential of digitization,” said Lou Lutostanski, Avnet vice president, Internet of Things. “IoTConnect, supported by Microsoft Azure, not only helps mitigate these risks, but enables enterprises to generate intelligence that will make their organizations more productive, secure and competitive in the digital age.”

Avnet showcased both the IoTConnect platform and the voice interface technology at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018.

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