Tokai Rika and Alps Alpine Enters into Agreement on Joint Product Development in the HMI Domain

  • The agreement aims to target enhanced development capabilities and speed in automotive business
  • The collaboration aims to heighten development efficiency and enhance value for the customer
  • However, the companies will continue to approach automakers separately and sales activities will not be covered by the collaboration

TOKAI RIKA Co. Ltd. and Alps Alpine Co. Ltd. entered into a basic agreement on collaboration involving joint product development within the human-machine interface (HMI) domain with objectives to enhance product competitiveness and strengthen development capabilities. The two companies will continue to approach automakers separately through sales activities not covered by this collaboration.

Automotive Electronics Solutions

A once in a century major transformation is underway in the automotive industry as momentum grows for CASE – connected cars, autonomous driving, sharing and services, and electric vehicles – and mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) trends. At the same time, automobiles are evolving from simply being a mode of transport into being a tool influential in shaping mobility lifestyles. Besides driving control, car cabins now need to be comfortable, reliable mobility spaces enjoyed by all occupants while on the move. The world of automotive electronics also demands solutions that step beyond traditional boundaries, such as to deliver a seamless connected experience from prior to departure to after arrival at the destination.

Next Generation HMI products

TOKAI RIKA and Alps Alpine will respond to these needs by teaming up primarily to engage in joint development activities focused on next-generation HMI-related products, drawing on the technologies and product strengths of each party. The aims are to heighten development efficiency and enhance value for the customer. Under the agreement, the companies will work to create new value by combining their respective expertise in facilitating the link between people and vehicles.