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Tartabit Introduces IoT Bridge for Everynet

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Tartabit LLC announces the availability of IoT Bridge for Everynet which enables subscribers of the Everynet US national LoRa network to integrate into Microsoft Azure.

With the latest release of Tartabit’s IoT Bridge for Everynet, developers can self-onboard LoRa devices to Azure IoT with the Tartabit IoT Bridge low-code platform which is easy to find on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

According to the company, connecting the Everynet US national LoRa network into the Microsoft Azure IoT platform allows application solution providers (ASPs) and city developers to focus on building applications without worrying about many of the complex integration details. Everynet, Tartabit and Azure services will enable application builders to address use cases in national retail, smart cities, utilities and smart infrastructure

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“The Tartabit IoT Bridge for Everynet enables Microsoft Azure users to quickly integrate devices and create customised solutions in Azure IoT Central using Everynet Azure LoRaWAN connected devices in a matter of minutes,” said Everynet CEO Lawrence Latham.

The Tartabit IoT Bridge is accessible via both the Tartabit and Everynet solutions on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, the company said in a release.


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