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SolidRun Unveils N8 Enterprise IoT Edge Gateways

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SolidRun, developer and manufacturer of high-performance edge computing solutions, announced the addition of SolidSense N8 Compact IoT to its line of SolidSense-branded enterprise-grade IoT edge gateways.

Building upon SolidRun’s partnership with Wirepas, the new SolidSense N8 IoT Compact features Wirepas Linux Gateway software that enables reliable, massive-scale communications from Wirepas Massive-enabled devices backhauled over cellular, Wi-Fi or ethernet connections. Additionally, Wirepas is said to provide built-in support for communication with Wirepas cloud assets, such as network diagnostics and positioning engines.

With its flexible radio features, the SolidSense N8 IoT Compact can support up to two Wirepas radio interfaces, which benefit further from Wirepas Massive’s unique automatic multi-gateway and load-balancing support, which automatically gives higher data throughput. These features allow SolidSense gateways to support large Wirepas mesh networks with massive data requirements. Using its powerful networking and processing capabilities, SolidSense gateways integrate Wirepas mesh capabilities into any enterprise IoT network, the company said.

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“One network can have several gateways without having to configure or commission a device on a particular gateway. This means that the requirements for gateway reliability and performance are high,” said Jani Vehkalahti, SVP global sales at Wirepas.”

According to the company, running on Linux, SolidSense gateways have a near limitless amount of open-source software applications available to them, and software can be deployed or upgraded automatically over the air, or by a field technician. Developers are provided access to a full suite of open-source software solutions that can run on the gateways and in the cloud for device and connectivity management.

“SolidSense cloud is available as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) or can be deployed on customer IT infrastructures. All SolidSense Edge Gateways are OEM ready, but SolidRun will work with customers to configure custom systems to any industry’s or enterprise’s specific IoT needs,” reads a company statement.


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