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SADA and Intel Launch Cloud Optimisation Program

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Though technically cloud is not necessary for IoT, there are substantial benefits in using cloud. Hence it may be wise to optimise computing infrastructure by distributing load between the cloud and edge devices. SADA, technology service provider today announced  its new pilot program with Intel intended to ensure Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environments are optimised for maximum performance and cost-efficiency for its customers. The program officially launched earlier this month and currently includes more than a dozen companies.

Initially the program will include some of our largest customers, but over time it might be made available to all customers. To qualify for the program, customers must meet a certain level of annual spend on GCP and related Google Cloud services. Customers must also be using specific Intel hardware (N2, C2, M2, M1, or O2 instances) and running specific workloads (i.e. smart analytics, data warehousing, infrastructure or application modernisation). 

Throughout the program, SADA will work with customers and Intel on their workload placement, cost and performance benchmarking, and GCP configuration to determine how its technology can help customers reduce their total cost of ownership and improve their return on investment. By using Intel hardware that has been optimised for a specific environment, companies often save money and achieve better performance. 

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“Customers are looking for better translation quality, and Lilt, powered by Intel Xeon Scalable processors on Google Cloud, is able to deliver 2.5x better latency, utilising Intel optimisation for TensorFlow and SADA professional services,” said Thomas Zenkel, Research Scientist at Lilt.

“The ability to adapt and quickly overcome disruption while maintaining continuous business operations has become the new normal,” said Rose Schooler, Corporate Vice President, Global Data Center Sales at Intel Corporation.  

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