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New ChipDNA PUF Technology to Secure Edge to Cloud IoT Nodes

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Analog Devices, Inc. unveiled the ultra-low power MAXQ1065 cryptographic controller featuring its proprietary ChipDNA physically unclonable functionality (PUF) technology, to protect edge-to-cloud IoT nodes, including medical and wearable devices, against invasive security attacks. The security co-processor is said to provide 30x lower power when compared to similar products and its extended lifetime and operating range.

According to the company, the MAXQ1065 security co-processor provides turnkey cryptographic functions for root-of-trust, mutual authentication, data confidentiality and integrity, secure boot, secure firmware update, and secure communications. It includes standard algorithms for key exchange and bulk encryption, or complete transport layer security (TLS) support. The device integrates 8KB of secure storage for user data, keys, certificates and counters with user-defined access control and life cycle management functionality for IoT equipment.

The MAXQ1065’s low power consumption and wide operating range makes it suitable for battery-powered applications, and the very small footprint and low pin count enable easy integration into medical and wearable devices, the company said.

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The MAXQ1065 life cycle management allows flexible access control rules during the major life cycle stages of the device and end equipment, ensuring long-term operation in harsh environments. The device integrates Analog Devices’ proprietary ChipDNA PUF technology, which protects against invasive attacks since any attempt to probe the PUF cryptographic destroys its value.

“The MAXQ1065 is supported by Analog Devices’ secure key preprogramming service for customers who want keys, data and life cycle state initialised prior to shipment to a contract manufacturer.”


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