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Farmbot Deploys Satellite IoT Service to Monitor Water Supplies

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Orbcomm Inc, an IoT solutions provider, today announced its alliance with remote monitoring technology provider Farmbot Monitoring Solutions (Farmbot) to enable smart agriculture solutions, which help farmers improve the visibility and management of their water resources.

Farmbot’s solution is powered by Orbcomm’s global satellite OGi modem and Inmarsat’s ultra-reliable L-band connectivity to deliver remote monitoring of farm water supplies, including tanks, dams and reservoirs, and capturing images in real-time. Farmbot’s innovative solution integrates with a wide range of sensors and an optional wired camera to deliver valuable reports and trend analysis on water, diesel and trough levels, rainfall, flow and pressure rates, alerts for valve leaks or pump issues, livestock drinking habits along with staff movements using a safety-check-in module.

By implementing Farmbot’s smart agriculture solution with advanced analytics, farmers can increase the efficiency, productivity and safety of their operations, while reducing their carbon footprint and supporting more sustainable farming for the long term, the company said.

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“Together, we’re able to eliminate the need for farmers to manually monitor their water resources and put them in control of their water ecosystems, minimising unnecessary travel, increasing their bottom line, reducing their carbon footprint and creating more sustainable outcomes,” said Andrew Coppin, managing director of Farmbot Monitoring Solutions.

Farmbot has started deploying satellite IoT modems in the field, and expects to significantly expand the deployment over the next few years.


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