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Blues Wireless Introduces Swan to Accelerate Development of IoT Solutions

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Blues Wireless LogoBlues Wireless, an embedded cellular solutions provider announced the general availability of Swan, a low-cost embeddable STM32L4+ based microcontroller board designed to accelerate the development and deployment of battery-powered IoT solutions. It is especially useful for applications requiring large memory or a high degree of I/O expandability, such as edge-based inferencing and remote monitoring, the company said.

Uniquely for Feather-compatible boards, Swan is designed to satisfy developers’ needs that span from early prototyping through high-volume deployment. Developers may begin to use Swan in conjunction with Adafruit’s myriad sensors and FeatherWing-compatible carriers. Due to its design, for high-volume deployment the low-cost Swan can also be soldered directly to a ‘parent’ PCB integrating those sensors, utilising the full range of Swan’s I/O capabilities.

Based on the powerful STM32L4R5 microcontroller operating at up to 120Mhz, Swan provides developers access to 640KB of RAM, 2MB of flash, and 55 general purpose I/O ports including 8 analog, 16 digital, one SPI, one Quad SPI, two I2C, 4 UART, and one USB.

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The board has three independent power options – USB, Battery, or Line power – and provides a software-switchable 2 Amp regulator for powering external sensors. When operating in its low-power operating mode, the entire Swan board commonly draws only about 8uA while retaining all of its memory, making it quite suitable for battery-powered devices.

Swan features support for C/C++, Arduino, and CircuitPython, and includes a CORTEX Debug connector enabling the use of advanced development environments such as Visual Studio Code, IAR, and STM32CubeIDE.


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