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Aquarius Spectrum Launches Cat-M/NB-IoT Acoustic Leak Detection Sensor

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Aquarius Spectrum, a provider of acoustic water leak detection solutions in municipal water distribution networks, has announced the launch of its new AQSense-Edge series of Cat-M/NB-IoT correlating sensors.

The company said AQSense-Edge represents the next generation in the company’s AQSense Fixed Sensors, a product range designed for continuous pipe monitoring.

According to the company, the new sensors supports all water supply pipe materials and diameters, distribution and transmission, and boasts the additional advantage of offering extensive coverage with fewer sensors – typically up to 3 sensors per 1 km of piping.

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Aquarius Spectrum’s new Cat-M/NB-IoT series includes 3 types of products suitable for different types of installations: An accelerometer designed for aboveground installation on fire hydrants and other access points on metal and AC pipes up to 24”; An accelerometer designed for below ground installation on fire hydrants or on valves inside a pit on metal or AC pipes up to 24”; and a hydrophone sensor designed for PVC, PE and transmission (trunk main) lines, and installation on air release valves.

“The system is now able to locate and present multiple leaks occurring between each pair of sensors and can provide operators with an estimation of their size and intensity,” the company said in a release.

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