Web based Liquid Monitoring System


With Internet of things it is possible to build simple automation devices that can help reduce the wastage of natural resources like water. To state an example, Cities with less access to potable water are struggling either due to low supply or wastage due to overflow. Conserving water has now become a technology use case as there is a need to act on it. Now, control systems using simple IoT DIY’s such as this liquid monitoring system could be set in order to monitor them and avoid wastage.

The video presented here is an IOT based Liquid Level Monitoring system that has mechanisms to keep the user alerted in case of liquid overflow or when tank depletes. There are 4 containers used in this DIY and every container is fixed to a ultrasonic sensor that is placed over the container. Ultrasonic sensors and monitoring systems have  wide range of similar applications.In this project it is used to measure, compare container depth and liquid level.

The components used in making this DIY is as listed:

  • AVR family micro-controller
  • LCD screen
  • Wifi modem
  • A buzzer
  • 12V transformer

The status of the system could be monitored by an LCD screen or a web page that provides a great birds eye view in a brilliant graphical representation. Colours are used to depict various scenarios with respect to the amount of liquid in the tanks or containers and the buzzer buzzes when the limit exceeds the permissible quantity of fill. This DIY is a very cost effective and a simple one to implement.