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The World is Into Internet of Things

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Image of a testing lab for IoT Devices

Internet of things is not only about analytics, cloud or leveraging artificial intelligence. The fact is millions and millions of electronic devices are available in the market but seldom does the consumer know what goes into its making. Now this brings us to a turning point wherein it is important to get right, standardised and acceptable components while manufacturing them.

Companies across the world are facing the challenges of finding a minimal reference set to test on, or benchmark their testing methodologies. One way to of doing this is by figuring out their quality of materials by testing them in labs for  durability, ruggedness and usability while subjecting them to simulated testing environments. Once that process is implemented, standard framework and protocols are formulated and deployment follows.

In this interview, Mr. Suresh Kumar – Sr. Vice President, Consumer Product Services, TÜV SÜD South Asia speaks to Shanosh Kumar from EFY about the Internet of Things and TUV’s insights on the various testing methodologies that smart devices have to endure.

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