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Smart Soda Fountain

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Speaking of smart devices, think of a coke dispenser with an Intel Core i7 processor, a touch-enabled screen, Wi-Fi and near field communications (NFC)! Last year, SIA Interactive, a South American technology and design firm demonstrated such a coke machine with social networking aka Smart soda features. The machine has a rather huge touchscreen, from which you can choose the drink you want. You could pay for it with cash, or using your mobile.

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 4.08.14 PMIt has a QR code reader too, so you can use vouchers as well. The built-in Webcam clicks a picture of you as you stand choosing your drink – and you could choose to send the time-stamped picture to a friend or to a social network. The company gets to see all the people using their smart soda machine – and could mine this information to understand their market demographics better. In fact, they could even use this information and the Web-connected vending machine to push customized ads to customers. There are still very few of these machines actually in operation, but as the network expands it is sure to bring up privacy concerns that the company has to find ways of dealing with.

The IVM interacts smartly with consumers of all ages at the point of purchase, and allows the brand to show different content, adapting the communication, marketing and advertising strategy to the target or specific product. It features an LCD multitouch screen with sound, animation and high-def videos.

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The contents can be managed from a centralized location that allows them to be adapted to any brand or product. It also allows companies to hold promotions, activations or other marketing actions and it supports movement recognition devices, Bluetooth and webcam.

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