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SER Sees the Succesful Integration of ECM and Blockchain

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While market is still discussing the opportunities of blockchain and ECM, SER has become the first to intelligently integrate ECM and blockchain technology. It has launched a POS (proof of store) solution: Doxis4Cloud. It unites the benefits of ECM collaboration among internal and external partners with an extra layer of security and trust by adding blockchain functionalities.

The blockchain acts as a security guard for all parties involved, eliminating the possible mistrust against the owner of the collaboration platform. In addition Doxis4Cloud catalogs all Doxis4 documents and their versions in Ethereum in a way that anyone can list and validate the documents stored. Thus, the inviolable nature of the Ethereumblockchain network ensures consensus among participants regarding the documents, their existence and authenticity.

From idea to proof of store in only a few months, marks the strengths and knowledge with which SER innovates and develops.   Read more…

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