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Recommendations to Secure Consumer Trust in the IoT

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Four global and European consumer organisations have announced their recommendations to make consumer rights, privacy and security core features of the Internet of Things (IoT).

According to estimates there will be 75 billion connected devices in 2025. Connected devices have huge potential,  however, they also carry risks. Risks such as 24/7 surveillance of citizens, complex liability questions when a self-driving car causes an accident and risks of remote control (electricity cut-off from a distance).

To accompany the principles, Consumers International has launched a report looking at whether trends in IoT are playing out as predicted, how consumers are experiencing this new technology, and how policy makers, industry and advocates are responding to some of the challenges.

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The report, ‘Testing Our Trust: Consumers and the Internet of Things 2017 Review’ concludes that, to date, companies’ drive to get products out to market quickly has meant that some fundamentals of consumer protection, security and customer service have been de-prioritised.

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